Thursday, August 21, 2008


Stop the presses! I actually threw a leg over my bicycle and went for a ride last night with the club. It was a fairly flat course with the first real hill coming around the ten mile mark, so it was a perfect opportunity to feel the speed of the peloton for a nice reminder of what it means to ride bikes. I sat in as best I could and chatted with some folks. Every little rise and surge sent familiar ripples of fire through my thighs. I made it about eight miles before I was shelled off the back. I joined another recently-new dad and we took the shortcut, talked about how babies suck the fitness out of their parents, and enjoyed a nice spin in the chilly air back to the start.

It was nineteen miles in all, which brings my year's total up to about 55. Normally, I'd be coming in on about 2500 this time of year, so I'm not surprised that my legs were burning a bit.

The first post-partum bike ride is in the books, and I hope it marks the beginning of the slow road back to feeling good in my own skin.