Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Rockin' Eve

Do we know how to party, or what? New Year's Eve rolled in and we had a great time planned. Friends had invited us to their house, but Sue was coming down with a cold and sinus headaches (not to mention muscle stress from her growing baby oven), I was tired from working much of the weekend to fix a failed disk controller, and we were both shot from the week of non-stop holiday merriment that came around Christmas.

We did dinner and a movie. In our house. We opted for "Carrington", a positively awful World War I era flick that Sue put in our Netflix queue about an intellectual gay author and his quasi-lesbian artist girlfriend who spend the entire movie in love triangles, rectangles, and pentagons with other men, women, and people who could easily pass for either one - only sub-titles could have made this movie worse. I lamented about how the actor playing the gay author had previously played a villian in Ronin, a De Niro movie with some of the best car chases ever put to film, and how we could be watching that instead. I passed the time by downing a bottle of Mackeson's XXX milk stout from Galeville Grocery in Liverpool and thumbing through the latest National Geographic magazine (whacky dinosaurs - were the thick spikes on the back used for protection or sexual display?), most of which I'd already read during previous morning trips to the hopper. We got through a little over an hour of the movie, then neither of us could stand it any longer, so we switched the TV over to one of the Law and Order channels and watched an episode we've already seen three or four times - you know, the one with the Afghanni drug lord diplomat whose Indian dealer orders a hit on three dealers who ripped him off and three prep-school girls get killed and a fourth gets put in intensive care. As usual, Sue didn't recognize the episode until we were 15 minutes into it and by then it was too late to change to watch something else. With about 20 minutes to go, she fell asleep and I switched over to the last half of Star Trek 8: First Contact that I'd caught on tape from the Sci-Fi channel earlier in the week. We were in bed and asleep just after 10:00. A New Year's Rockin' Eve indeed!

We spent most of New Year's Day cleaning and reorganizing the two closets in our office (my idea). I did manage to squeeze in time enough to pull off the front wheel on Sue's car to diagnose a clunking ball joint whose seal had broken. In the evening, we watched about 20 more minutes of Carrington, but then gave up for good and I mailed it back yesterday morning.

'Twas surely a raucous time welcoming 2008.